Are you a startup or small company that engages in collecting and processing Personal Information? We have got you covered.

Our firm specializes in Privacy by Design, Product, and Global Privacy Compliance counseling.

We bring our best experience in drafting privacy/security policies, contract reviews to ensure global privacy compliance assessment. We can help your company develop a privacy program and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our staff can perform privacy and cybersecurity due diligence to assess, address, and mitigate risk when engaging third parties or developing products.

Privacy and data protection should be a top priority for companies, especially startups that are in the process of building trust with clients. Having a robust privacy and data protection program is a matter of company vision and long lasting goals. A strong privacy compliance program mitigates risks, reputational concerns, and large regulatory fines. The organization cannot survive if trust is broken due to privacy incidents or deceptive and unfair practices when handling personal information. Global privacy laws and regulations are becoming too extensive and it is very difficult for companies to bypass any regulatory scrutiny these days.



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