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As creative, tech and intellectual property lawyers…

we provide the basis for you to develop and protect your assets through the strategic use of your intellectual property. Whether it is your brand value or your creative ideas, we help you carefully draft contracts, timely file applications for registrations and diligently enforce your rights as well as ensure that you front load your planning to prevent unnecessary third party infringement.

With our industry experience, we help you design your relationships to your partners and effectively lay the grounds for sensible community management with end users.  You will benefit from our website terms, end user agreements, service contracts and licensing agreements as well as investment deal structures while nurturing these relationships.

Our tested blueprints and comprehensive guidelines help you devise your corporate structure and comply with regulatory requirements while remaining within your personal game plan.  Our goal is that your creative, business and marketing ideals find their way into reality while complying with corporate, financial, data protection and advertisement laws and regulation as well as living up to best practices.

Nonaj Law Provides Specialized Legal Counsel For:

  • European and U.S. Law

  • IP: Strategy, Protection, Enforcement

  • Trademark Law and Copyright

  • Data Protection and Compliance

  • EULA and Terms of Services
  • Freelancer Contracts

  • Consulting Services Agreements

  • Licensing – Distribution Agreements

  • Investment and Publishing Deals

We counsel businesses and individuals in their personal endeavors and business ventures because we end up being enthusiasts of their path, ideas, products and services

As multinational New Yorkers, avid gamers, sport enthusiasts, notorious collectors, hobby writers, and frankly, full time aficionados, we decided to pass on our passion for law and our legal experience to the people and industries we understand and are passionate about.  Our work entails counseling business to business relationships and advising you on your end consumer sales in the digital space as well as face to face.

Founded on counseling the video games space our clients range from tiny studios to indie publishers all the way to specialized service providers all across the globe. We then moved onward to counsel clients ranging from software developers and tech start ups, models and staffing agencies, to other creative and academic professionals all the way to their international investors.

Nonaj Law Provides Legal Advice Tailored to You:

  • (Video) Games Industry

  • Software Developers and Consultants

  • Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Investors and Venture Capitalists

  • Academics and Students

  • Fin and Legal Tech

  • Advertisement Agencies

  • Models and Athletes

  • Freelancers and Consultants

  • Artists and Producers

  • Musicians and DJs

  • Streamers and Influencers

  • E-Sport Talent, Teams and Leagues

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