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Get To Know More on Naturalization and Citizenship

You’ve been working hard to become a U.S. citizen, and now you are there. But you are not there yet! To officially become a citizen, you need to take the oath of citizenship at a naturalization ceremony. Welcome to the Nonaj Law Firm!

We specialize in helping people become U.S. citizens and acquire naturalization certificates. We offer a wide range of services, so whether you are looking to become a citizen or want to get your documents in order before your citizenship interview, we can help you out.

Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate: What Are They?

Naturalization and citizenship certificates are official documents from the U.S. government that prove a person has been granted citizenship in the United States.

It contains your name and number and details about when, where, and under what circumstances your citizenship is granted.

To receive this certificate, you must attend a naturalization ceremony, at which time you will be asked to take an oath of loyalty to the United States of America. The ceremony will also be recorded in writing by someone from your local court system appointed as an official witness.

This person will then submit all relevant paperwork and their statement of fact stating they were present at your ceremony and saw you take this oath. Once all required paperwork has been submitted for processing, it may take anywhere from 2-4 months before you receive your official certificate in the mail from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you are a naturalized citizen or a native-born citizen who wants to apply for a certificate, you need to know about the process, including the role it plays and where to get one.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A US Citizen?

Naturalization and citizenship certificates are two critical documents that every legal U.S. citizen should possess. They prove you have met all the requirements for naturalization and that you are a citizen of the United States.

By becoming a US citizen, you will gain many fundamental rights:

  • You can vote in national and local elections.
  • You can get better jobs and get higher wages.
  • You can travel freely between countries.
  • You have more access to educational opportunities.
  • You may qualify for certain government benefits like student loans and social security insurance.

Citizenship and Naturalization, What Is The Difference?

Naturalization and citizenship can be confusing, but we are here to make it easy. We will walk you through getting your Naturalization or citizenship certificate and show you how to get it right.

And do not worry, our services are affordable! With our help, you will have all the documents needed to apply for a naturalization or citizenship certificate in no time at all. Citizenship and naturalization are two different concepts. Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen, while citizenship is the status of being a citizen.

A person can be a citizen without being a naturalized citizen, but not vice versa. It grants the holder certain rights, such as voting rights and protection under the law. On the other hand, naturalization is how one becomes a country’s citizen. This process usually involves residency in that country for several years and other requirements like passing tests about its laws and history.

A naturalization certificate is an official document stating that you became a U.S. citizen on a specific date. It proves that you are no longer considered an “alien” under U.S. law and gives all the same rights as any other U.S. citizen—including voting rights!

Unlike naturalization certificates, citizenship certificates do not contain biometric information like fingerprints or photos; instead, they show that someone has obtained citizenship status.

How Do You Know You are Eligible For Naturalization Or Citizenship?

Are you a new immigrant in New York City, Brooklyn, or Queens?

If you are just now becoming a United States citizen, we know how overwhelming the process can be. We specialize in guiding new citizens through the naturalization and citizenship process. Our team comprises top-notch attorneys who have helped hundreds of clients navigate this process to ensure that they can obtain their citizenship and move forward with their lives.

  • We understand that many factors go into being eligible for naturalization, including:
  • Whether or not you have been living in the U.S. for five years
  • If you are married to a U.S. citizen
  • If you have been convicted of crimes previously (or if there are any criminal charges currently pending)

Our team will assess your case and determine what type of status best suits your needs. We can help with any questions about the difference between naturalization and acquisition of citizenship and what steps need to be taken next once you have applied for your green card or U.S. passport!

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For My Citizenship Application?

While there are some exceptions, most people do not qualify for automatic citizenship through the legal process alone. They need the help of someone who understands this process and can guide them through it successfully. Suppose you plan to apply for citizenship or have already started your application process. In that case, we recommend consulting with an experienced immigration attorney before submitting any documents or money to anyone else.

There are many reasons why you should hire an attorney to help you with your citizenship application:

1) You need someone who knows how to navigate the complex laws regarding immigration issues;

2) You want someone who can explain everything in detail;

3) You want someone who will answer all your questions about the process;

4) You want someone who will represent you during meetings with government officials;

5) You want someone who will ensure that you get what you deserve from this process (a green card).

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